About us

The Niagara Frontier Sikh Society was established in 1972 as a religious organization and has been operating a permanent Gurdwara (place of worship) for Western New York Sikhs in Clarence Center, NY since 1996.

Located in a historic building that was once a Methodist Church, the Clarence Gurdwara today holds open services every Sunday in accordance with the customs of the Sikh religion. The Niagara Frontier Sikh Society started with less than ten Sikh families, and now includes over 100 local families.

The weekly services are open to the local community, and attendees have included countless dignitaries and politicians, state senators, congressmen, interfaith groups and many members of the local neighborhood who are invited to stop in and join in services and/or share the community meal (langar). The Gurdwara has additionally been host to students from Clarence Center schools who have toured the Gurdwara and learned about the Sikh culture and religion firsthand. Local Sikh children have attended Sikh classes on Sundays within the Gurdwara, learning both the practices and tenets of their religion.

The Gurdwara and its congregation are proud and grateful to be members of the very welcoming and supportive Clarence Community.